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«Learning the language of the country you live is the key to explain who you are, how you are, where are you from, what do you want. In a word, to be yourself».

Elena Ferrer – Learninbarcelona teacher


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Elena is nothing short of an utterly superb teacher. I have learnt and continue to learn a huge amount with her and always leave her classes feeling positive and enthusiastic. She has a great talent for making her students feel relaxed and for identifying what they need and how they learn. She is organised, dedicated and serious about teaching, but she always teaches with a smile and a cool attitude. I recommend Elena to anyone looking for a top-class teacher.

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Tiago Miller

La experiencia con Elena ha sido genial. Es la mejor profe que he tenido. Súper trabajadora, clases personalizadas y completas y he aprendido muchísimo. Además alterno clases presenciales y por Skype. Una maravilla de persona y profesional.

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Javier Alcaraz

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